The Budgy Smuggler Winter Swim Challenge

If 10 friends donate $10 for cancer research...
I'll take on the Budgy Smuggler Winter Swim

How it Works

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 Swim 2km over the month of August and ask your friends for support!

 Or take on the Budgy Smuggler challenge your way - how about taking a run in your Smugglers? 


  • Piani just donated $15.66
  • Kathryn just donated $100.00
  • Matthew just donated $20.88
  • Kerry just donated $20.88
  • Marissa just donated $41.76
  • hannah just donated $20.88
  • Sue just donated $52.20
  • Kieran just donated $8.00
  • Kieran just donated $10.00
  • Ralph just donated $20.88
  • Kim just donated $10.44
  • Tineal just donated $52.20
  • Aleks just donated $104.40
  • Shannon + Alex just donated $20.88
  • Karla just donated $50.00
  • Dylan just donated $78.30
  • Chloe just donated $20.88
  • Jessica just donated $20.00
  • DIANE & IAN just donated $41.76
  • Kelly just donated $52.20

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Jordy's Story

Earlier in 2020, my Poppy Kelly was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.

 He is selfless and brave; he is always giving back to his community.
He is so tough and I’m so proud of him as he undergoes treatment for this ugly disease. 

Through my workplace, Budgy Smuggler, I’ve been given the opportunity to work with ACRF. Budgy Smuggler is an iconic and uniquely Aussie brand, espousing genuine care for the community. I was encouraged to drive this fundraising opportunity, which I'm truly passionate about, and to educate others on the importance of sun protection in Australia. After a melanoma scare in my teens, I feel it's vital to protect ourselves from the sun.

I hope that you are inspired to take on the Budgy Smuggler Winter Swim with me to honour those affected by cancer. Through the power of research, hopefully in the future, we will have less of these sad stories to share.

Happy Smuggling.

Read Jordy’s full story here.

You don't have to be a scientist to play a part.

You just need to grab your ACRF Budgy Smugglers and ask your friends to donate


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