If 20 friends donate $20 for cancer research...
I'll shave my head

Take on the No Hair Dare
and ask your friends to donate to cancer research.

It's easy! Get 20 of your friends to donate $20 each.
Shave your head and livestream it on social.
Know that your headshave fundraising efforts will help to outsmart cancer.


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Josh Sharkey

As a kid my dad passed away from melanoma. Watching a strong healthy man slowly fade away, losing all the strength he had really opened my eyes to how serious the effects of melanoma can be.

I recently spoke with ACRF and was pleased to hear that there are some great things happening in the world of cancer research with a lot of advancements in the technology that’s used for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

I know that times are pretty tough at the moment but any donations big or small will contribute to making a difference and would be greatly appreciated, so if you want to help with these amazing advancements or you would just like to see what’s under the mop open up your wallets and donate whatever you can afford.

Emily & Charlotte Feather

3 years ago my wonderful mum, Charlotte's grandma, got diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, which spread to her lymph nodes.

Witnessing your mum lose weight, become sick and tired every day, struggle to heal from endless surgeries and lose all her hair, is completely heartbreaking for both her and us. Cancer affects everyone around the person receiving treatment, not just the patient themselves. Cancer is a devastating disease.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if no family had to go through this? Sure people say shaving our hair seems super brave and courageous, but it's such a small thing to do compared to what cancer patients face every day. Together we will be shaving our hair for cancer research!

Hair grows back, that's simple. Gaining a healthy life back is so much harder.

You don't have to be a scientist to play a part.

You just need a pair of clippers and your friends.


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