Alyce Rainbow

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I have seen cancer in (too) many forms. 
I have seen it force people I love to be so very strong; stronger than they knew they could be. 
I have family and friends who have won their fight, and family and friends who have lost. 

I hope to honour these individuals and others who are fighting their own unique battle with cancer, by shaving my head and raising money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) on June 12th 2020. 

Thank you for reading about a cause close to my heart. I am grateful for any donations, and if you aren't in a position to donate, please share. ♡ 

Orenda (n.) - A mystical force present in all people that can empower them to affect the world, or to effect change in their own lives. 

FYI: The ACRF provides grants that fund the technology, equipment and infrastructure researchers need to prevent, detect and treat ALL cancers. The ACRF has backed projects such as the cervical cancer (HPV) vaccine, personalised programs for children diagnosed with the highest risk cancers, and the development of a new innovative cancer treatment that melts away certain advanced forms of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. All donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible in Australia.

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Heath & Zoe


Maria Woodhouse

Well done ❤️❤️




Brianna Siegert

Alyce you are so inspiring! Thank you for making a difference and helping to kick cancer in the butt! xo


Luke & Mary Enston

You’re awesome Aunty Alyce ❤️


Cam & Lauren

Super proud of you Alyce, awesome cause 😁


Lynne Rainbow


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Cherie Curini

You are so brave! But also so empowering and strong of you to raise more awareness for the never ending battle of this disease


Alli Parker

I know it’s late but you’re incredible and it looks amazing!! Well done, beautiful one.


Alana And Tim

Great work Alyce! Proud of you 😃


Val And Manny

Amazing work my friend! So proud of you!!!


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Emily Ho

One punch man!! 🤓😍


Jayden Hayes

So the leopard prints Must happen!!


Alyce Rainbow


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