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Help us raise money for cancer!

Hi, my name is Emily and this is my beautiful 9 year old daughter Charlotte.Together we will be shaving our hair for cancer research!     

Most people you meet, sadly have been touched or affected by cancer, one way or another, I'd like to share our story.. 

3 years ago my wonderful mum, Charlotte's grandma, got diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, which spread to her lymph nodes. After 3 back to back surgery's, including a double mastectomy, grilling chemo therapy and radiotherapy, she was finally on the mend and thought we had beat the disease, sadly not. Not even 2 years later, it has resurfaced and spread to her liver, so yet again she will be starting another fight to survive. Witnessing your mum lose weight, become sick and tired everyday, struggle to heal from endless surgerys and  lose all her hair, is completely heartbreaking for both her and us. Cancer affects everyone around the person reciving treatment not just the patient themselves. Cancer is a devastating disease. Wouldnt it be wonderful if no family had to go through this? Sure people say shaving our hair seems super brave and courageous, but its such a small thing to do compared to what cancer patients face everyday.

Hair grows back, that's simple. Gaining a healthy life back is so much harder. 

We believe a world without cancer is possible, a world where patients can watch there grandkids grow up and a world where you don't have to worry about your next treatment instead of living your life as you should be able to. Unfortunately my mum may not get a chance to do that, its completely unfair, but we could make a difference for other family's. 

But, we can’t do it alone. Will you help sponsor us and help us reach our goal?  Please donate for our family, your family and every family! 

ACRF partners with research institutes to fund the technology, equipment and infrastructure needed to develop better prevention, earlier detection and more effective treatment across all cancer types. They invest in the brightest minds and boldest ideas in cancer research. Help me be bold too. Together we can outsmart cancer. 

Select a donation amount and click ‘Donate’ to make a secure online donation. Every donation, big or small, will bring me one step closer to my goal.

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible and you will be issued with a tax-deductible receipt via email as soon as you make your donation.

Thank you for your support! Watch this space for more updates.

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Dana Paciejun

Love you Baldys 💓💓💓💓


Michelle Prestidge

Emily, you are so right, many peoples lives have been touched by cancer, including both of my parents and so sadly your beautiful Mum. xxxx


Anna Manuel

It’s a heartbreaking disease 💔 - here’s to your grandma and all others fighting their fight. 💗


Perri Hernan

Best wishes to Grandma xxx ♡♡ All my love to you beautiful girls Jake, Perri and Qt xxx


The Freo Ritchies X

Go Aunty Em and Char Char! Love you girls and your beautiful Mum xx


Katie Kreutz

Well done Em and Charlotte! Love you both



Go girls 👊 💜






Chanelle Chambers


Lisa Russell-brown



Josh, Bec, Amelia And Henry


Sarah Jarvis

Respect and lots of best wishes to you both. Xxxxx


Melinda Armstrong

Love you Em xxxx


Kristieanna Stewart

Love you Feather. Bravest woman I know.



Love to you and your mum xxx very sad to hear. Good luck !!


Tanya Hope

You’re amazing, lady!!!


Merinda Levitzke

Such brave women you are Charlotte and Emily. Thinking of you and your grandma/mum xx


Grace Guthrie


Grace Fussell

Well done to the both of you!!! You are amazing and I have your Mum/Grandma in my thoughts. Sending you guys all of my love from the UK!! Lots of love Grace xxx


Grace Guthrie

Go Charlotte!!!


Shayne Carter

So brave Charlotte and Emily!! Good on you guys! Will be cheering you : )


Jen Mott

You both are amazing & fighting my own breast cancer battle I want to thank you. 💕 Huge love to your mum


Gemma Bennett



Good on you em and Charlotte ❤️


Mcnaughton Family ?


Jilly & Jarrad

Good on you beautiful ladies! What an amazing thing to do. Wishing your mum a smooth and full recovery 💜


Lis Patterson



Darren Lee


Kelly Sutcliffe


Belinda Palmer

Good on you brave , beautiful souls x


Sue Hobman

Love and Strength sent your mum Emily. From Lisa Halls mum xx


Anne Smart


Harriet Wren


Kirsty Wyatt

Sending my love and support ♡♡




Vikki Plackett


Di Bogaers

Brave girls xx


Tania Wakelam

Wow how inspirational Charlotte is what a gorgeous soul


Caitlin Doyle

You guys are so amazing! Love you both xx


Karen Young

Great effort girls. Love to your mum. Miss my Saturday mornings with you and Charlotte. Xx


Bee Bee

You are both incredibly brave, strong and kind. Just like Grandma. Proud of you xo


Coombs Family



Such an amazing thing your doing Em xx


Haidee Kenyon

Great thing you are doing girls. Love to your mum Em xxx


Kate Birt

Hi huni, that's terrible news about your poor mum! Give her all our well wishes and love xx


Rae Witham

Wishing you and Charlotte all the best with your fundraiser. Love and prayers for your mum xx


Erin Semark

What an inspirational thing to do! Go girls, my thoughts are with you xx