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Nearly haircut time

Very thankful to my friends and family for your support. I chose the 22nd of May as the day to shave my hair off. The 22nd is the 12 month anniversary of my fathers passing. He didn’t have cancer, he had a very rare disease that was like a cancer. It took him away from us way too early just as Cancer does to so many people worldwide. With Dads disease there was no cure. But with Cancer, there is a chance. And I believe the more support we can give, the less people will have to suffer.So while the 22nd is a sad day for me as I remember my father, it’s is a day I have decided to replace sadness with a symbol of hope.
 My father in law (also a very strong father figure to me) is now battling cancer as he has for a fair while now. He also inspires me with how much strength and determination he has to face each day. Unfortunately the disease does not discriminate. But hopefully the future will bring with it the possibility of no cancer. So yeah, I will probably look funny with my head shaved, but I’ll be wearing the new style with pride knowing what I’m standing for. Thanks

I am shaving my hair for ACRF because I believe that a world without cancer is possible.

ACRF invests in the brightest minds and boldest ideas in cancer research.

Help me to be bold too and donate today to Outsmart Cancer.

Thank you for your support.

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Every little thing we do can make a difference.


Peter Emery

Mate, definitely a good cause. Good Job. Looking forward to seeing you as a Nude Nut.


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Coralie Garnham

Good on you mate.


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Good on ya little bro 😊xx


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Looking forward to seeing the new hair style


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Great work !


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Great cause mate, hope your shaving the head too!


Neil Weston

By far the best employee at Ross Gray Motor City. Talk to me monday about that pay rise


Robert Hannay

I hope it doesn’t grow back.



Great work!


Shane Ostrofski

Good thing your doing.


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Great cause.



Great job, Hadleigh.


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Good job bloke!


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Well done mate.


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Good on you




Matt Weston

You will always be my hero