Janine Livingston

Thankyou to Peter Mac Cancer Centre

In April 209, I checked my partner into Peter Mac Cancer Centre, in Melbourne Australia. Whilst Peter Mac is a worldwide first class Cancer Centre, I was still nervous and scared of what was to happen next.

My partner had been informed that he had a cancerous lump on his kidney. So in he went to have part of his kidney removed. To those not in the know this might sound like a pretty straight forward operation. To me, it sounded ok, the surgeon was confident, I had only months earlier had surgery myself that went smoothly with no complications..

An operation, that was only meant to take 4 hours, ended up nearly taking 8 hours. It was then, that I started to really worry. My partner, had, had uncontrollable bleeding, with the surgical team, calling the trauma unit at another hospital to be on standby, in case they were needed.

From here the road was very bumping with my partner having a total of 14 days in hospital, when it was planned to be 3 days.

Whilst I won't go on with further details, what I will say is that I have never experienced a hospital as wonderful as Peter Mac.

The culture of the centre, is truly amazing. I was never asked to leave, I could stay all night, if I felt that this would help me and my partner. I was free to use any facilities I needed. I was never made to feel like I was in the way, or asking too many questions. I was asked more than once on any given day, how I was? Had I eaten? Had I slept? The staff treated my partner and I like humans, what we felt mattered to them.

There was one evening, when my partner was rushed back into Peter mac via ambulance, when I arrived, it was after midnight, the carpark was locked. I cautiously rang the hospital, explained where I was, and that I needed to get in, and without a blink of an eye, security let me in, collected me from the dark carpark and made sure I found my partner. It was a small act of kindness, but it made all the difference, when I was highly stressed and anxious.

All in all, my partner is clear of cancer, he has had a long road to recovery, and every step of the way, Peter Mac have been there to guide him and me.

So, to THANK Peter Mac and to make sure more people have access to the best cancer care available, I am shaving my hair to raise money!

Help me to be bold too and donate today to Outsmart Cancer.

Thank you for your support.

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It's done!

Thankyou to all that have donated! I raised far more than I ever expected, considering my hair wasn't that long to start with! lol..

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Miranda Howe

Go Wesbos!


Janine Livingston


Lawrence Happ


Stuart Happ

Wouldn’t be here without you and the fantastic team at Peter Mac...


Jason & Angela Tate

Hope this gets you over the line! Have fun with it :)


Lynn Schubert

Good on you Janine. Great cause.


Jemima Bartolo

You’re an inspiration!


Stephanie Roemer

Well done, Janine! So brave and such a good cause! All the very best to you & Stu x


Shell Ott

Great work Janine


Nicki Billingham

What a wonderful thing to do - happy to donate xx


Karen Fowler

Well done Janine.


Louise Coulter


Taryn Neal

Super brave Janine!


Ufi Vaeoso Seumalu

Hi Janine I lost my job during the covid crisis as an independent contractor Engaging students in my own program for young people in schools here in Melbourne West it’s nearly 8 weeks without work so it’s been tough but your cause cannot be ignored so here’s a little something small to help you and your dearest partner I pray every day that the healing powers of God be upon you and your partner through these most difficult times


Hazra Hanif

What an inspiring story - you're a STAR Well done - keep up the good work :)


Nancy Howe

Well done Janine. A great cause



What a worthy cause Janine, great inspiration :)


Kelly Brand

Right behind you Neenie Admire what you’re doing.


Louise Nicholas

Good on ya Janine!! So glad Stuey has come through ok, sounds like a scary ordeal but it was lovely to read about the caring and thoughtful culture you experienced at Peter Mac Cancer Centre. Louise xx


Alexandra Aguilar

You are a true hero Good luck Boss Lady


Sharon Klaaysen


Lisa Jones

Well done Janine!


Justine Morgan

wow, lovely story, good luck.


Kathy Peric

Brave girl well done!


Adams Sue

Fantastic cause & good on you !!!


Debbie Critchley

Start knitting beanies! Good on you xx


Michelle Rowlands

You go girl!


Kim Broad

So much easier to do your hair in the mornings!




Cara Rose


Melani Mcgregor

I wish we could spare more at this time. Good on you for having the courage to shave it off!


Tennille Balaz

Go Janine! Can’t wait to see the shaved head :)