Josh Sharkey

Sunday 29th March 2020

The time has come to get rid off this mop on my head that I call my hair and I thought that there’s no better way to do it than to raise some money for a more than worthy cause! As a kid my dad passed away from melanoma and watching a strong healthy man slowly fade away, losing all the strength he had really opened my eyes to how serious the affects of melanoma can be. I recently spoke with ACRF and was pleased to hear that there is some great things happening in the world of cancer research with a lot of advancements in the technology that’s used for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. I know that times are pretty tough at the moment but any donations big or small will contribute to making a difference and would be greatly appreciated, so if you want to help with these amazing advancements or you would just like to see what’s under the mop open up your wallets and donate whatever you can afford.

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I want to see photos of the new you! Your Dad would be very proud of you Josh!! XXX


John Bartle

Love your work Josh!


Megan Adair

Good on you Josh!


Linda And Rosd Graham

Good onya Joshie you not only make us feel proud but we know your Dad would be especially proud of you can’t wait to see you naked 🤭😘


Margie Sharkey

Awesome effort Josh. And your Dad was a very special man. I miss my big bro every day. Aunty Margie & Al xx


Dean Nowak

Great work Joshua! Mad respect mate 🤜


Jim And Naida Blair

Well done Josh. Looking forward to seeing the new YOU. Love you and so proud you are doing this.



Super Proud of you mate. xxxx Cant wait to see what under that mop. xx


Stu, Sue & Fam

Love your work josh, good stuff



A worthwhile cause Josh Appreciate the deeply personal aspect of this to you and admire your courage in committing to radically changing your appearance in order to support associated medical research . PMQ


Izzy Bartle

You're the best! Super proud


Ben & Indi


Jordan Plowman

Yeah boi♥️


Clarry & Rianna

Go Josh! 👏🏽👏🏽


Louise Dillon

Well done Josh, your Dad would be so proud of the man you have become xxx so much l9ve foe all of you xxx


Teresa Bickley

Make sure you keep a hat on.


Dan Ryder

You da man


Mike And Cherie

We are more than happy to contribute in honour of your dad. But really we also just want to see what you like under all that :)


Joanna Ryan


Dean And Kim Spyvee


Jenny Elst

Great cause, good on you for raising awareness xx


Di Mutchell

So love what you are doing. Your dad was a beautiful human being who loved you to the moon and back. He would be so proud of you 💙



Legend!! Luv Mik & Caolan


Karen And Jack Hammond

Love ya work x


Sam Mcauley

Good stuff Josh! Xx


Cara Flynn

Go sharkey you legend 💙


Britt Nation

So proud of you Sharkey ❤️


Mitch Ward

On ya cuz


Chloe Connolly

u are the best!!!


Lidija Krsticevic

Joshie 😍 Awesome 👏 👏


Jake Ward


Tracey Horrocks

Great cause Josh xxx


Riley Fairburn

Good shit man ❤️❤️


Paul Hutton

Well done mate. Your dad would be proud of you mate. You’re a good lad.


Zoe Garrett

Great job cobba! 😁


Sharon Bayley


Fletcher Cremasco

Onya sharky



Good on you Sharkey!!!!


Nader Hejleh

Big respect Sharkman. Your dad would be so proud of the man you are today and I'm sure he's up there watching over you. Cant wait to see that beautiful white and shiny mopless head if yours 🍻❤


Harry Brooker


Jake Healy

You're a good man sharkey


Harry Blakeney

Good on you sharky! Look forward to seeing what’s under the mop


Mitch Grey

Good stuff sharkey


George Popzeleff

Good on ya sharky! Much love ❤️


Holly Mcmurdo



It’s finally happening and for a great cause!! Good stuff :)


Dylan Robinson

mad love Sharkey you’re a good man ❤️ Would love to donate more but unemployed life 🙌


Lachie Lawson




Love ya Sharkey u superstar !! Xx


Daniel Visser

Love ya shark bait


Dylan Spyvee