Kristy Schilling

My No Hair Dare - with a twist!!


I'm taking on the No Hair Dare.

Diagnosed with breast cancer recently, I found out yesterday that indeed, like most, I shall be undergoing chemo, and as a result will probably lose my hair.

I start Wednesday, so I won't have it for much longer, so donate today and my boys will live stream the shave on Friday, October 2nd :)

BUT!! THE BEST PART!! If you guys dare me, and I mean properly jump on board and I manage to raise $5000 by 12pm Tuesday September 29 Sydney NSW time, I WILL live stream my boys bringing back my 1988 mullet, which will remain until next Friday's shave!!

Dare me and donate today to Outsmart Cancer.


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Hair be gone!!

Okely dokely, the hair is gone - it was a wee little shindig with a few close family members, so we didn't live stream it. BUT there was a mullet, a mohawk and a rats tail, so give me a day or two and we will compile a Facebook photo album that won't disappoint! 
We'll keep the donations button active so you can toss in a few bob whilst waiting for these action shots to hit the internet! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jaye And Bodhi Carah

Because we love you and we know what cancer can take away. Stay strong and fight the fuck outta this.


Antoinette Cano

Charge on!! Onya Kristy for the bravery and high spirits and humour! 😄 You got this! 👊❤️


Kristy Schilling


Jaye Carah




Lillian Watterson


Delores Malysa

Love ❤️ and hugs!




Kate, Cam, And Lily

Love and hugs, you’ve got this, girl!


Jenny Hafeez

Best of luck with your treatments!!


Rebecca Smith

Good luck 😘💪


Deborah Moleman

Kick the big C in the butt. You're doing great. I love your positivity.


Sonia Georgakoulias

Biggest hugs! You got this! You are Stronger than cancer!!! Xo


Schilling Family

You've got this


Gg And Grampa Angus



You go girl 😘😘


Heather Middlemiss

Will there be gel involved with the mullet makeover? ❤️


Tanya Morris


Kimiko Yamamoto

Best wishes❤️ Love and hugs!!


Gayle Rogan


Emma Jolley




Donna Butler

Kick it’s ass! ♥️



Rock on Kristy 🤘



Love you and rock the fuck outta this mullet


Pamela Mccabe

good luck with your fundraising love Pam Maree Nola


Noodles Nala

All the best!!


Viv Robbins

Love you forever ❤️❤️❤️