Rhys Furner

I'm fundraising for my mum who has recently battled cancer.

I am shaving my hair for ACRF because I believe that a world without cancer is possible.

ACRF invests in the brightest minds and boldest ideas in cancer research.

Help me to be bold too and donate today to Outsmart Cancer.

Thank you for your support.

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Josh Newport

Proud of you mate. And I’ve always wanted to see what Rami Malek would look like with a shaved head!


Jason B


Chris Spence



Unfortunately, it's a cause which is very close to my heart. Good on you, and strength to your mom.


Robin Marchant

Such a great thing to do mate! Your mum will be super proud. You're going to need a hedge trimmer to get through those curls though!


Iain Calvert

Rhys it's about time you tamed that coasty mop once and for all.


Barry Dowden

Great stuff Rhys! This has to happen, hope it grows back before any special big days happen :)


Craig Somerville

I want to be able to see my reflection in the top of your head! Shave it all off and give it a shine whilst you're there!


Yeemun Tsang

At least you won’t need the hairdryer to tame your curly locks for a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰


Mike Barnett

Nice work mate - a very worthy cause. Good luck and welcome to the club


Megan Kelly


Josh Agnew

Great work mate...


Neel Bhatt

Amazing cause mate. You'll thank yourself for the no fuss look


Shimona Mehta

Lots of love and strength to your mother! F*ck cancer. Also, if we’ve got your head and face covered, how much $ to shave your legs? ;)


Scott & Angel

Good on you mate!


Ryan J Miller


Nick James

Good work big fella!



Great thing you're doing Rhys!


Hayden Ellis

Get in there, Rhysy! Solid day's work mate.


Jayne & Nidge


Josh Bitossi




Tracy Kaur

Great cause Rhys and glad your mum has recovered โค๏ธ


Pauly Goldston

Onya buddy!!



Be Like Mike!


Bertie Ocampo

Look forward to seeing Mike/Robin 2.0! All the best to your mum, Rhys!



On our way to $5,000!


Cate Kelly



Good on you Rhysy - you'll still be ridiculously handsome!


Bronte Hogarth



Jamie Levy



Tristan Miller

Ahahahahahaha!! Welcome to the club my friend!


Sandra Rodriguez

All the best wishes and good energy to your family!


Jill Parker


Maree Toner

Good on you Rhys, hope your Mum is doing well!! Maree & Trevor Toner


Amy Zobec

Wishing you all the best for your Mum Rhys xx


Andrew Cohen

Amazing work mate and thank you for raising much needed funds for a great cause.


Leanne Kahle



Go get it, tiger


Laura Tisot

Good on you! Worthy cause and you'll rock The Robin / Mike


Emma Krouglova

All the love to your Mum. You’re a wonderful son and human Rhys.




Ben Robinson

Great cause, you're a great human, Rhys!


Ella James

Go Bro


Con & Chris James

Great effort, well done.