Ryan Penning

Ryan is finally cutting his hair

Yes, I'm indeed cutting and shaving my hair.

I've been growing my hair out for the last 4.5 years, and while I've enjoyed tying it up in a bun and caring for it, I think it's time for something new - and I intend to make as much difference with it as I can.


Instead of just going to get a hair cut, I will be donating my hair to the ACRF and running a fundraiser.


Cancer has impacted those around me more than I can count, I've lost so many friends and family to this terrible disease and it's painful to know how much there still is to learn about it.

So many moments and memories of my life have been plauged by this terrible disease and with the new decade I want to enter it knowing I've done my part to fight it and make a difference to take it down.


I am shaving my hair for ACRF because I believe that a world without cancer is possible.

Hopefully, with your investment in the ACRF, you can make that world possible.


WAIT $2600!!!???

Yes, I have the goal of raising $2600 but I am setting a cut-off (heh) date of the 24th of September, this gives us enough time to raise the amount plus some time for my do some fundraiser drives to raise money. Plus I'll be kicking in my own donation of $100 to make this happen. 

The reason I chose $2,600 is because for every dollar donated, $0.79 of that dollar is going directly to cancer research while the rest go towards admin and up-keep. I always knew I wanted to give $2000 properly and if we get to $2,600 then we will have raised exactly $2,054.


Are you going to shave all your hair off?

That's where this gets fun - whoever donates the highest bid gets to choose what hairstyle I rock for a day. This could be a mohawk, clean shave, or even a bowl-cut; whatever you choose I'll do it. 

(It can't be anything offensive though)


Can I come to see you lose your hair >:)

I'll make a post on social media closer to the date but it will probably be in the shire with my local hairdresser. I'll also stream it on Facebook so that way people get to see it if they're abroad or don't want to trek all the way to the hairdresser.


Help me to be bold too and donate today to Outsmart Cancer.

Thank you for your support, this means a lot more to me than I'm probably letting on (because I really do love my hair) but I'm willing to make a big change to make a big difference

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Page is open!!! <3

The page is now open please if you can!

Please leave personal donations so I can figure out who the winner is for biggest donation.

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Ron Nickel Roofing

Great effort for a great cause Ryan!


Big Beyotch

Much love coming at you from one of Abel's Boys


Mumma Bear ?

Looking forward to designing your new hair do and also very happy to be donating to a cause so close to our hearts 💞. Proud of you Ryan xx


Jackson Frew

You absolute king xoxo


Beverly Penning

Love nan & pa penning 💕


Mitchell Manganaro

You’re amazing dude 😍




Ryan Penning


Rory Dungan



Yay! Good going Ryan 🤩✨


Kelly Ritchard


Jennyfer Ong


Nico King

Don't get a mullet


Nathan Hardie


Christine Richardson

Ryan I think you need a hair cut just like Jackson’s 😆 good on you for supporting such a great cause


Lester Langton

Shave “ Dads my Hero” on his head Jennie😊


Tracey Dussin

Awesome! Would love to see a video of it coming off !!


Will Bagley


Melissa -gillespie

Good on you Ryan 👍


Kerryn Battam


Meegan Taper

Great work Ryan this is awesome


James Lockrey


Jasmine Penning


Gabriella Wilson


Jessy Robinson



You're doin' it!


The Beattie Family

The least we could do for you always tolerating your loud noisy neighbours! Haha.


Jodi Osborn


Harrison Frew

This is big