Vanessa Piper

I am fundraising for my Mum and the thousands of other Australians who will be affected by cancer each year

I am shaving my hair for ACRF because I believe that a world without cancer is possible.

The 31st of January marks two years since my Mum's final chemo treatment! She is a breast cancer survivor but it was far from easy for her to overcome her illness and subsequent surgeries. Losing her hair was one of the upsetting side effects of treatment my mum struggled with so I will be donating my hair to be made into a wig to help another individual struggling with hair loss; as well as shaving my head to be an active contributor in the fight against cancer and bring awareness to the need for continual advancements in cancer research and treatment options... Because unfortunately this terrible disease that devastates so many lives is far from being conquered! My mum is still seeing effects from her experience with cancer and hasn't fully recovered from her surgery, so I hope by marking her momentous achievement she will be reminded of her amazing courage and strength; and I can provide the added bonus of much needed funds for cancer research to help future cancer patients! My father-in-law very sadly lost his fight with an aggressive form of melanoma in 2017 and pancreatic cancer very quickly took my maternal grandmother's life in 2019, so it is also in their honour and loving memory that I am fundraising! Hopefully I can make a difference towards a cancer-free future!

Help me to be bold too and donate today to Outsmart Cancer.

Thank you for your support.

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My Updates

So many smooth heads

My father-in-law’s best friend also shaved his head with us on the day

The baldies with Mum

Hair all ready for donation

Just a couple of baldies

My amazingly supportive husband and dad stepped up and shaved their heads alongside me

Thank you to my Sponsors


Pratt Foundation


Mum Williams

Dad and I are so proud of you for what you’re doing. Let’s kick cancer to the kerb where it belongs. $100 for Pip, $100 for Nan and $100 for me. πŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’™


Anne Rice

As your mum and my courageously beautiful sister said let’s kick cancer to the kerb. X


Tracy & Ashley Bremner

Proud of you Ness ❀️


Ian Yeo





Cronin Family

Such an amazing thing to do my beautiful friend. How lucky I am to have a friend so kind hearted and beautiful inside and out. I know how proud I am of you I can’t imagine how your family must feel! Big love to you guys ❀️❀️❀️


Baxter Family

Our super star 🌟 we love you Aunty Ness! 😘



Go Ness xx


Shannon Corbett

Clever chick xx so brave.


Vivienne Wykamp

Proud of you Nessy, you will be just as beautiful without hair as you are with.. same as your incredible mumma! Love you



Amazing Ness! Can’t wait to see Dooie bald too!


Kilie Elnor

Good luck, I hope you reach your goal and thank you.


Connors Family

You are an amazing woman πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼 We are extremely proud of you 😘


Michele Mckenzie

What a legend! Well done Vanessa, you are doing such a great job in raising money and awareness for cancer research :)


Grant Fam

So brave Ness. But the people you are doing it for are the bravest. Big love x


Marie Delany


Leanne Williams

You are amazing! Thank you for doing this and making people aware of cancer.


Liam & Addy Curry

So beautiful x


Anna Lodge

Good on ya Ness!


Amanda Taylor

Congratulations on a fantastic fundraiser!!


Vanessa Piper


Humphries Family

You guys are absolute superstars! So proud of you x


Denise Thorneycroft

Being a cancer survivor myself, hope your Mum can stay strong.


Vicki Yan

Awesome work!!


Michelle Piper

You are fabulous


Renee Pascall

Get it gurl!!


Tanya Swindle

You are amazing Ness, you have such a beautiful soul doing this to raise money for cancer research πŸ’—


Nancy & Prydey

Good on ya Ness ❀️


Deeves Fam



Good luck Vanessa with your fundraising, what a great cause.


Pamela Whaley

You’re amazing xxx



An amazing effort for a special cause


Micaela Piper


A Murray & Sons

Well done Vanessa taking on this challenge to raise money for such an important cause. Should feel very proud.


Myra Baxter


Hannah Goldspink

Well done! An inspiring woman raised by an inspiring woman x


Marianne Provan

Well done


Megan And John Spalding

Awesome work!!!


Vickie Tait

What a wonderful and generous contribution you are making Vanessa. You have the most glorious hair! Good luck in reaching our target. :-)


Pamela Sorensen

Great work guys! Such a worthy cause!


Kara Ross

Well done!


Tracy Rusconi


Evelyn Heffernan


Gabrielle And Chris


Brad Williams

Well done all!


Gina Elliott


Jess Provan

You are amazing x


Steven Phillips

Great job hope you smash your goalπŸ‘Š can't wait to see the aftermath on ya dooieπŸ‘



Anyone would be stoked to get your hair! ❀️


Hayley & Peck

Such a brave thing to do Vanessa, i can tell your mum is super proud of you! Well done on your wonderful fundraiser achievement! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–


Liam Breed


Batlow Bakery


Kylie Murdoch

Your amazing πŸ‘πŸ»


Jenny Baker


Amy Piper

I want the signed mugshot 😁😁


Gemma Robinson

Your amazing β™‘


Genevieve Connors


Carmel Stevenson


Michele Nosworthy

You are amazing Nessy πŸ’—πŸ’—


Geoff Dewar

Fantastic work Piper family


The Salmon Family

Much love to you Nessy, what an extraordinary thing to do for your loved ones xx


Allan Tsang

Great work Vanessa, all the best to your mum.


Julie & Peter Hush

You are so brave Ness. Inspiration to us all 😍




Christopher Bell


Carolyn Dallas

Great job!


Amy Piper

Go Nessy! So proud of you!! Your Mumma is an amazing strong woman! ❀️❀️❀️



So proud of you Nessa ❀️


Ryan Mcknight

Hey Vanessa, great effort for a great cause. Lots of good Kama coming your way 😊


Sarah & Jeff Kynaston