Colin O'Mullane

"Shave-a-Col" for Cancer research!

Can you cure cancer? I sure as hell can’t… but what I can do is help raise money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)!!!


Why am I doing this? Well, that’s easy.

Over my life I’ve lost many loved ones to cancer. A Parent, family members and dear friends.

There isn’t a lot I can do personally to help – I can’t cure cancer myself… but there are smarter people than me that can.

What I can do is help by raising funds to go towards their research. ACRF invests in the brightest minds and boldest ideas in cancer research, so I have decided to raise donation funds for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. This is where I need your help.

So – how do I do this? Well, by cutting all my hair off! Sounds simple – but it’s been 4 years in the making…

Over 4 years ago my partner had surgery that didn't go quite right... (Long story – not going into it here…) but - at the time I thought it would be resolved fairly easily so I proclaimed to all that ‘I will not cut my hair till it is resolved’….

At the time – I had very short hair – but I thought it wouldn’t be more than a year - easy as…

Well, 4 years later and I still haven’t cut the length of my hair (just the sides) and I have anywhere from a nice neat platted viking look, or a ball of curls, or a manly pony tail, through to my best ‘Harry Potters Rubeus Hagrid impression crossed with a Yowie…’

But it’s time I think to turn this into a positive…

I am doing a shave for cancer research, and this is where I am asking for your help through donations.

Here is the kicker – I’m also putting my beard up on offer. If I raise more than $1500 AUD I’m going to remove my beard as well!!!

I am doing the shave on 19 June 2022.

If you would like to attend the shave event in person please contact me for details.

As little as $1 will make a difference. Any money you can donate will be appreciated.

I think I will be able to see who donates and what their amounts are so I will do a shout out to those who go above and beyond!

Thank you for your generous donation. Together, we can free the future from cancer.

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Raised $100

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My Updates

All done

Well. What a successful fundraiser. Thats is all thanks to the generosity of you all.

$3k raised! Amazing 

Thank you all for your generosity!!!

I'll upload one last pic...

Thank you

$2,712 with 4 sleeps to go!

Well, I was trying for $2k - but with 4 sleeps to go we hit $2,712! Amazing effort!!!!! $

Goal reached already?

Wow. I am amazed and the generosity of all. I've gone above and beyond my goal for fund raising.

I greatly appreciate those who have put their money out there to help a great cause, and subsequently see me shaved...

The next thing is to see, in three weeks, what I come out looking like! Thanks heaps!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jacquelyn Poglajen

Happy shaving! From Godma.


Lou Kelly

Proud of you well done 😀



Good on you, Colin. Wonderfully generous of you.



No beard!! First time in a very long time. xx



Good on ya boyo!


G Had

Way to go Col! Its been a long long time since I've seen you facial hairless. Good luck reaching your goal!


Sue Skeen

Cant wait to see finished product. Xx


Valerie Couch

I want ALL of the pics! Well done you. Xoxo



Looking forward to a clean shaven Hagrid 😁


Cranston Wilson



Not sure if you'll be less or more scarey


Colin Mernagh


David Pye

Good luck!




Ange ?


Owen Turner


Glenda Byers

I hope you’ve bought a beanie 🥶


Adams Family


Matt Porter


Kylie Miles

Goodbye Mark Boone Jr lookalike!


Andrew Kinsela

Great work Col. Have to see the after pics.



So brave to shave heading into winter! Such a great cause. well done.


Sasha Mcdevitt


Baden Ball-guymer


David Coulston

Just get it all waxed off :P


Jacob Lawrence

Onya Col!



Amazing effort!!!! Well done.


Peta Horan

Fantastic work sir 👏


Leena & Family


Liza And Mark

Love you and the values you stand for, or shave for.


Allan Harris

Great cause. Good luck with the fundraising!


Krysti Connolly




Brett Hennock

I've never seen a shoulder-up naked Colinopsicle before! How could I miss a rare sighting such as this? Probably the first time since about 1977!


Ashand Nicky Hayes

Good on you Col, we are very proud of you, you furry beast :)





Good on you Col


Aliyah Harrison

On ya BDC!!


Patrick Webb


Some Guy

Well done mate.


Dave Breen


Some Guy