Kara Prescott

Towards a Cancer FREE world

I am shaving my hair for ACRF because I believe that a world without cancer is possible.

ACRF invests in the brightest minds and boldest ideas in cancer research.

Help me to be bold too and donate today to Outsmart Cancer.

Thank you for your support.

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Everyone is affected…

I don’t think anyone goes their whole life without this horrible disease having an impact on them. Whether it be personally or your mum, dad, sibling, grandparent, partner or child. 
I lost my mum, a close friend is fighting a battle right now and I’ve had my own personal run-ins with it. 
This is why I’ve chosen to do this. It’s not much, just a bit of color…buts it’s my way of saying I care and by doing this I hope you can help out my donating something…anything for this amazing cause. Thank you xx

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Hope you reach your target Kara good luck