Fundraising and On the Day Tips

Get the most out of your shave, cut or colour campaign by following these tips.

Back yourself!

By donating to your own page, you’re showing your commitment to your fundraising and setting the benchmark for family and friends who come to your page to make a donation.

Get Personal

Your friends and family want to support YOU. Your story matters. Share a personal photo and your reasons for shaving, cuttong or colouring on your fundraising page.

Share your page

The number one reason people give is because they were asked. So what are you waiting for? Share your page via email and social media!

Auction it off

Auction off the clipper or colour privileges to the highest bidder - in a COVID-safe environment. This is an easy way to get people excited for your shave and encourage a fundraising bidding frenzy amongst your friends. 

Go Live

Film your shave and broadcast it on Facebook Live! It’s a great way to get donations in real time.

Host A BBQ

Hold a COVID safe BBQ and ask for donations! 

Host a Raffle

Talk to people in your local community to see if they'll donate a prize. Your local cafe might donate a voucher for breakfast, or the nearest cinema might donate movie passes.

On the Day!

Reach out again to everyone you’ve asked for support and ask them to watch you live on Tik Tok or Facebook! Shaving, cutting or colouring is even better when your family and friends get to witness the big moment.

Ask people to support you

Personal emails to friends, family and workmates are proven to be the most successful way to ask for support. Start with your closest family and friends then make your way down to your acquaintances.

Cutting your hair on the Day

  • Make sure hair is clean and dry.
  • Tie hair into multiple ponytails.
  • Secure with evenly spaced elastic bands down the length of the ponytail, or plait each ponytail.
  • Cut above the top elastic bands.
  • Adjust your clippers to the right length – we suggest clipper length number one or two, but if you're opting for a slightly longer 'do, choose three or four.
  • Brush the clipper blades between each shave and wipe the blades with a cloth and a few drops of disinfectant.
  • Your newly-shaved head may require extra protection from the sun. 
  • Please attempt to keep your head covered with a hat or beanie and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen.


Do I have to shave my head?

Shaving your head is only one way to raise funds for cancer research. You can also cut or colour your hair. If you colour, you can use a temporary colour spray or coloured hair wax that washes out.

How much of my fundraising goes to the cause?

No less than 79 cents of every dollar you fundraise will go towards cancer research.

Can I donate my hair for wigs, or recycle my hair?

Yes! We recommend donating your hair to Variety the Children’s Charity to make a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a long-term medical condition or through Sustainable Salons. You will need 14 inches of uncoloured hair to donate it for a wig.

How short do I have to shave?

How short you choose to shave is up to you. We recommend, clipper length number one or two.  Or for a longer 'do, opt for three or four. We don’t recommend blade shaves down to the skin.

Where can I shave?

Your local hairdresser may volunteer to shave you for free if you let them know you’re shaving for cancer research. Or you can organise your own event at work, with some friends or just do it at home.

When can I shave?

You can shave on any date that suits you.

How do I ensure my shave, cut or colour is safe?

Any clippers used should be clean and well-oiled during use.
Brush the clipper blades between each shave and wipe the blades with a cloth and a few drops of disinfectant.
Every two or three shaves, you may need to reapply clipper oil.
Colour sprays can cause eye irritation, so if using one, ensure that the individual’s eyes are covered whilst their hair is being sprayed.
It is a good idea that a first aid kit is available during your shave in case of accidental injury.
Shavers, sprayers and sweeper-uppers should all wear disposable gloves during your event.

How do I get sponsors?

Tap into your own network. The best place to start asking for sponsorship is with your 10 closest family and friends.

Where can I get fundraising tips and ideas?

Be sure to explore our tips at the top of our page, or check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas.

Do I have to shave my head if I have started fundraising?

If you have made a commitment to shave your head, please honour this commitment to your donors.

Where can I get hair colour?

We recommend visiting your local pharmacy and picking up a bottle of Cinta Intense Hair Colour Sprays for a temporary non-permanent hair colour solution.

Does my hair have to be coloured permanently?

No, you can opt in for a temporary hair colour if you don’t want to commit to permanent hair colour.

Does ACRF provide clippers or hair colours?

To be cost effective, we ask everyone to provide their own clippers or hair colour. You can find temporary hair colour and any large retail chain or your local pharmacy. If you don’t have your own pair of clippers, you might want to shave at your local hairdresser.

How old do I have to be to take part in ACRF Shave?

If you are under 18, you will need a parent or guardian to complete the registration form for you and give permission.

What does ACRF do?

Partnering with research institutes, we fund the technology researchers need to develop better prevention, earlier detection and more effective treatment across all types of cancer.